GanzfeldVR [Epilepsy Warning]

I made an UnrealEngine powered VR app this weekend to see if the Ganzfeld and Phosphene effects could be reproduced in a VR headset.

!!! WARNING !!!
Do NOT use this app if you have epilepsy, are prone to seizures, or sensitive to light/visual stimulus. Scientists warns against doing this for longer than 30 minutes.
!!! WARNING !!!

GanzfeldVR v0.0.4.1

-= How to Use =-
1. Run GanzfeldVR.exe
2. Put your VR headset on
3. Close your eyes
4. Use the keyboard to adjust the frequency and colors
5. Sit back, relax, and notice that your brain fills in colors 
   and makes patterns that are not there

You can keep your eyes open, but it can be... uncomfortable. You 
might be able to induce the effect without VR by maximizing the 
app on your screen and sitting fairly close to it. Chances are your 
monitor refresh is only 60 Hz so that would be the maximum 
frequency in that case. I see the greatest effect in the 15-30 Hz 
range. You can also try firing up some [binaural beats]( and matching 
the frequencies. YMMV.

-= Keys =-
         Esc --> exit the app
           H --> toggle the text on/off
           N --> toggle white noise on/off
  Numpad +/- --> increment/decrement the frequency by 0.1
         +/- --> increment/decrement the frequency by 1
Page Up/Down --> increment/decrement the frequency by 10
           R --> toggle red on/off
           O --> toggle orange on/off
           Y --> toggle yellow on/off
           G --> toggle green on/off
           B --> toggle blue on/off
           C --> toggle cyan on/off
           M --> toggle magenta on/off
           W --> toggle white on/off 
           A --> toggle gray on/off 
           L --> toggle black on/off

-= Defaults =-
Frequency: 1 Hz
Colors: Black, White
Noise: On

-= Things to try =-
Frequency: ~13 Hz
Colors: Black, White
Noise: On

Frequency: ~17 Hz
Colors: Black, White
Noise: On

Frequency: n/a
Colors: Red (eyes open) OR White (eyes closed)
Noise: On

You should probably include a warning to not try this when you’re alone. But very interesting use of the engine indeed, I will be reading more about this topic for sure.