Gamma Correction On FullScreen Mode

Unreal Engine 4.3.1 does not respect gamma correction settings of my graphic card driver or my monitor. It respects on windowed mode but after diving fullscreen everthing becomes much darker. I cant provide a screenshot, somehow everything seems fine on screenshots but there is a huge difference. I have GeForce 870M with Intel HD 4000 Optimus.

Summary: Monitor calibration/Gamma correction is not working fullscreen game mode.


I understand you can’t provide a screenshot if it’s for a particular project but can you provide one in a simple scene where you can reproduce the issues?

Also, I see that you’re using a laptop. Do you have the ability to output the screen to a monitor to rule out this being an issue with your laptops monitor?

Thank you!


I dont have an external monitor but I have a second laptop which has the same problem.

To reproduce issue steps;

1 - Go to NVIDIA or ATI or whatever graphic card you’re using Control Panel and change brightness or/and gamma values to something strongly noticable low or high just for testing purpose and save your configuration.

(Notice there are two gamma settings on most cards, video and desktop. Video is just for some codecs and has no effect. Change gamma/brightness for desktop and immediately you should see the effect on everywhere)

(This step is also can made in “Calibrate Display Color” tool in Windows which has a gamma changer)

2 - Unreal Engine 4 - Edit - Editor Prefences - Play - Play In Standalone Game

Change the resolution to your native one so you can realize what’s going on easier.

3 - Unreal Engine 4 - Play - Play In Standalone Game

Even if you change your resolution to native the game will be opened in windowed mode. Press Alt+Tab to go fullscreen and you will see that Unreal Engine 4 will act like you didnt change any brightness/gamma setting or monitor calibration setting.

No other fullscreen DirectX11 appplications act like that. They all respects your monitor calibration settings. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this. I’ve got a two monitor setup and have tested as you’ve suggested. I’ve even pulled the windows standalone play between my two monitors that are setup with different brightness levels. The standalone play respects the monitors settings.

The problem could be spesific for Optimus laptops.

yeh he is right, i didnt relise until i was playing in editor and was so impressed with the map i created that i decided to export it, then when i ran the exported/packaged game it didnt look as good? and i have come to the conclusion that its the fullscreen bug. example is if i set the defaultgameusersettings to “fullscreenmode 0” the gama correction kicks in and looks nice and colorfull, tho if i set to “fullscreenmode 2 or 1” it gets really light and colors look off, and yes i have a optimus laptop, laptop ic a lenovo yoga 3 14 gpu is 940m and intel 5500, plz fix this issue :slight_smile:

Verified the issue is happening in Full-Screen Mode with Optimus enabled laptops. I’ve entered UE-26951 for this issue to be tracked.

Once there is an update to the ticket I’ll post back here with any relevant information.

Thank you!


It’s also happens on my Desktop Computer. But it ONLY happens in 1080p and no other resolution. Obviously, PrintScreen won’t show the difference between windowed and fullscreen colors, so I took some snaps on my phone instead so you can see what I’m talking about:

Here’s Windowed:

Here’s Fullscreen:

Let me know if there is anything else [info] I can provide to help solve this issue.


It’s still not reproducible for me on my current machine. Can you post your DxDiag here and maybe we’ll have a similar system I can check on.

Also, can you see if this is happening in a blank project as well to rule out anything in your current project that may be causing this? My current test project is very simple with only a single light, floor mesh, and a sphere mesh. In BPs I call set res to toggle between 1920x1080 and 1200x700 resolutions from a standalone game and a packaged build, but I don’t see any change or shift with the gamma.

If you’re able to reproduce in a blank project please list any additional steps that I’ve not included in my test above and I’ll see if I can reproduce.

Thank you!

Hi @TimHobson,

I had already figured out the issue, and it seems to be common for Nviidia Cards and with many other PC video games ranging from Dark Souls 3 to even Gears of War 4. What you need to do is open your Nvidia Control Panel and under->

Set “Use Nvidia Color Settings”

This fixed my issue of 1080p fullscreen being super bright (high gamma). I’m not 100% sure what was going on but I did find this to be the quick fix for it.

Note: When upgrading your drivers, sometimes you’ll have to do this step all over again because it won’t save your settings. Took a very long time to get it solved but I hope this helps!

Yes changing to use Nvidia Colour worked for me, I was having the same issue with the full screen view of the game being to light and washed out. Thanks