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My laptop is having issues and I’d rather replace it before it gets too bad. I want to use it for stuff like gaming, what thoughts? Budget under 1000 USD

I heard lots of good reviews of Asus Rog for gaming, so at the budget, I found ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71, any tips?

Not bad (for “average” usage), but if you asking me; you also need an extra SSD (850 EVO 120 GB for example), if you want some “smoothness” (in the editor and in common usage)… so calculate with than extra coast, imho. :wink:

Seems like a good choice. But as already mentioned, adding a small SSD would make sense. Without it everyday responsiveness will suffer.

Lenovo y50 i believe is a good laptop

I concur.
I have the Lenovo Y40-80 refurbed for <600. It is a great laptop, and am looking to upgrade to a Y50.
Ebay does have some good prices on refurbished and like new devices.

EDIT: I have to recant this remark. It has issues with the laptop lid, and battery and it’s a known issue with their products.

Yeah, Lenovo has a pretty good value for the power that you get

Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK is a 15.6-inch FHD gaming laptop from well-known company dell. Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK is a best gaming laptop under $1000 with latest 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6300HQ processor and 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB solid-state drive. The Windows 10 already installed on this gaming laptop.

I’m liking my Gigabyte P35X, with its matte screen, 8gig 980m graphics, and generally slick solid design. Easily the best laptop I’ve owned. It just cruises along performing any task easily. Used it with Oculus Rift and it handles the framerate in most demos. It has very cool multi-purpose expandable drive bays. Price might be over budget… I bought mine a year ago, the version 3… it’s up to version 4 now so maybe a version 3 can be found cheaper.

my laptop crashed :frowning:

You could prefer using Lenovo Ultrabook U-510 15.6 inch laptop that which is eminent for supporting game features. 4 GB Ram, 1 GB Nvidia GeForce 625M graphics card and also the operating system is windows 8 which can be later updated.

as budget gaming laptops, you can now get a laptop from $300 that can handle many games, check this and this PCmag links to find what I’m talking about
hope this help

I want to get a Dell Inspiron 15 7000(7567), with a GTX 1050 for $800.

It’s the best budget laptop out now and I did my research about it.

Take a look at what options are available from Sager and Xotic PC. They let you customize stuff too so you can save money on un-wanted extras.

My suggestion if you’re dead set on a laptop is make sure it has really good cooling, because that is a serious problem for many gaming laptops.

Asus ROGs are built for gaming.
Toss that fanboi SSD required business out the window, your GAMES use 2 things, CPU and GPU. Who spins a limited I/O drive up for disk access read/writes for hours?? dummies.
SSD your OS, your fine to 7200 (or 10k if you wish) your “storage” drive.

Running this setup with a 32GB 1080GTX i6700 ROG and there is nothing that slows it down. Loading in the editor is a joke, im under 10% across the board with everything i do. Thats not installed to an SSD (locked to OS only). Dont toss money in the trash because some kid read on facebook SSDs were “teh pwn”. Save the cash, get something boss, and destroy them in BF1

If you like loading screens, and you just play games, not make them, then a SSD is of less help.
I mean, unless you think your laptop may bang around when you move it – SSDs don’t head-crash, which spinny disks do.
In my mind, the robustness, longer lifetime (!) and higher performance (including faster boot and shorter loading screens) are totally worth it for an SSD.

Well, not all of them! I own two ROG and they’re both defective!
So what’s behind this, does Asus have manufacturing problems???

Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series

Not that i am aware of. Without getting into side-tracking the OP, whats defective about them?