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Hi I am working on a game, were object falls from the sky and you collect it before it hit the ground.
The problem is, when I make a world setting and add my blueprint character to it, I cant access any
commands from the item that will damage or heal the person. Here is a idea drawing of what I am
aiming for.

Is there a site that can teach me step by step of creating a game like this?
I when I play the game the object hits me but no command from the item
effect the player. Like changing it flipbook to a hit flipbook. I be leave it is
because, the character blueprint is not in the game level, so I can add any
command from other blueprint to it. Sorry I sound so confuse. Hope there is
someone out there that know what I should do or go to. Thanks. (o _ o)

Can you post images of your blueprints for the actors (The green/red balls) and of your character blueprint?


this is the character.

This is object 1.

This is object 2.

This is the blueprint for spawning the object.

Same thing but the bottom of page.

And last at least the level blueprint.

Hope this helps you to help me. Thanks. (0v0)

You have no variables on your character blueprint to define its health. Create a float variable to represent this. call it something like “health”

Then on your object blueprints do a cast to your character, so you can access the variables. (Right click - “Get player character” - Drag off “Cast to MyCharacter” (Or whatever your character Blueprint is called) then off the “As My Character” pin, drag off and “SET Health”)

Add this to your overlap events and just add a float - float for your red damage one, and a float + float for your green healing one(Set health > Float+float (current health + number you want to add))

Do the same process to create a points system (create INT variable in your character blueprint, cast to it and set Points to Points +X using an int + int)

You will probably want visual representation of this on screen too, see this link:

That’s actually a video from an inventory system tutorial series but you can transfer the skills shown :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, peace and love, good luck with your project.

Thank you that sound like it will work. (0v0)
Ill try that and let you know as soon as I can… Tanks. (^v^)

No problem - as a side note, you can also use a “Print String” node (And a string to int or string to float converter) to print your health/points values to a log/the screen, this will allow you to see if the system is working before you get visual representation in the forms of a HUD / Widget blueprint.

That work great thanks, but you wouldn’t know how to make it were the item, that does damage cause my character flipbook
to change to another flipbook, that show it got hit. thank you for getting me out of the other problem. (^v^)

You should look through the documentation Paper 2D in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

Keep learning :smiley: x

Thanks I check it out and try some of the trick. In doing this I found you it was my collision of one of my blueprint. My character, or one of my object. Some reason none of the
collision is working with overlap event or hit event. It is just not recognize it. I hope this is the only problem. Its able to recognize hit on the invisible walls I have, to prevent
the player from falling off the edge. So thanks for the help, it help fine what is the source. (0v0)

Are you doing on collision of the mesh? try adding a collision box/sphere component to your object blueprints and calling overlap on that instead.

Thanks, that work great. (^v^)
Now I, just need to stop the character from shaking when hit by object. (0v0)