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Me myself, I am a filmmaker (mostly sci-fi and horror) however I have had a firing passion for video games since I was a little kid playing Mario World on SNES. I embarked on an ambitious journey to make video games last year. Around the same time I ran into the Third Person Shooter Kit (…on-shooter-kit) and I absolutely love it and think that the gameplay could mesh very well with my game. I want to purchase it as soon as possible!

I would love to stop working alone and form a TEAM to help me make the game. I have designed most of the level and the story is fully and completely done full of twists and turns. Now I just need help making it into an actual game. Blueprints are not my strengh yet. This would be a full collaborative effort so I am more than open to new ideas and more than willing to pay you!

The game is entitled Dead on Arrival. It’s a story based survival horror based in the PARAGON universe. Inspired by Bioshock, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry.
I attatched a video so maybe you could see my vision a bit more.

Would anyone be interested?


I may be interested in making some music! :slight_smile:

Hello [USER=“3059243”]Pat Streater[/USER],

I’m a Sci-Fi Horror/Cosmic Horror Fan. A few of my game concepts are inspired by stories like Stephen King’s like The MIST. Your progress video is impressive and I’m glad to a Game developed to take advantage of the Paragon Assets. Do you intend to include any form of Co-Op play? I would like to see the Horror Genre incorporate multiplayer (co-op|co-pilot|vs support in interesting ways.

I specialize in UE4 Blueprints. I’m currently engrossed in development of BAD*MORFO and ExORION FTPS. However, If we could align development of common game subsystems between the projects, I would be able cross-share some of the subsystem blueprints I’m developing and other resources. If interested, we could discuss further on Discord.

Okay awesome!! Sounds good! Do you have a soundcloud?

Thanks a lot! I haven’t thought of any multiplayer but I wouldn’t be apposed to it.

I have a lotttt to learn. I have soo many questions about this engine lol. I just kinda jumped into it. I figured before I keep spending money on assets then I should learn how to use it lol.

Your works looks very impressive! I would love to talk more on discord. Will respond there now.

hello I would be interested on 3d modelling/ texture artist as well as doing some rigging if necessary. my email is or u can contact me through discord my username is #1625Kevlar Pro Irish/Éire. Some of my work can be seen at ArtStation - Kevin olakitan if you like. I will be waiting for your response.

Hey, I’m interested in hearing more about your project. I’m pretty experienced with blueprints, some examples of work that I have done: All these were build completely in five days. We can talk through discord: Tate Hertel#9673 or through DM. Looking forwards to hearing from you.

I can understand that. I spent a fortune on assets and I want to put them to use in unique ways. I also want to put that 12 Million Dollars worth of High Quality Paragon assets to use. When I complete ExORION, I would like to eventually work on my Sandbox RPG using the Paragon Characters Asset: Lore of Yamaia. It aims to be a fun themed RPG, in which the world is basically a Futuristic Mansion and all the inhabitants are miniatures within it.

I’m curious about DOA. Who or what is the threat. What does the player have to survive?

I am would like to work on your project as a sound designer. Add me on discord and we can talk. Atoken#1679

Ohhh nice! That sounds awesome! I would love to see that!!

In DOA, LT. Belica has to explore the school for alien technology however some of the same aliens that took it over 100 years ago are still there.

Okay for sure! Sounds awesome. I will contact you on discord.
experience with FMOD, Wwise, and the ue4 audio engine

I am a sound designer My name is Zack. Add me on discord Atoken#1679

Hi, this sounds great.

I am interested in working as a programmer for this project

contact me on skype
or discord

Hi! I am interested to dig into some programming! I have done two small projects in the Unreal Engine but I specialize in Web(frontend/backend) programming. Would love to help with your project!

Hey what’s up Zack!
Please join this Doa chat so we can all discuss some things.

Please join the DOA chat

please join the DOA chat

please join us in the DOA chat

Sounds great!

Join us here at the DOA chat.

Hello [USER=“3059243”]Pat Streater[/USER],

Unfortunately, due to the lack of communication. I’m withdrawing my offer to assist. I sincerely wish you great success in your project.