Gaming-As-A-Service streamed from within Unreal Engine 4 product

I was examining the Media Texture asset and saw how it is connected by either a file loaded from your computer or from a URL given to the Engine. Is there any way we could add the ability to stream gameplay from a Gaming-As-A-Service platform, so that I could, within my UE4 game, redirect my inputs to the GaaS platform and see my gameplay streamed with audio/video to the Media Texture? Or is this already possible somehow?


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Thanks for the help.

Also, I wanted to make clear that this is a critical feature for people to be able to implement a virtual gaming convention / conference within Unreal Engine 4 (which is what I am interested in doing). Once the Oculus Rift comes out next year, there’ll be lots of early adopters, primarily in the gaming community. If developers want to host virtual booths that allow people to demo their game from within the UE4-produced virtual convention environment, they’ll need users of the application to be able to demo the games they are showing off. This means having the ability to redirect inputs to a Media Texture that provides feedback to the developer’s game as housed on a GaaS platform.

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