GameWorks VisualFX?

Are these worth it? Are these good? too hard to use? Should I even be considering it?

I downloaded APEX and then 2 others that are meant to work with Maya, no clue where they went. Did they automatically install? I really need to start learning this stuff. Any other gameworks I will need?

Dont bother with these for now. They are useless in UE4 currently so you’ll be just wasting your time. Work on modeling or Blueprints or any other part of UE4 instead.

I have Apex, Apex integrated into Maya, Turbulence and also Hairworks.

These are not compatible with UE4 Games?

There was a reason why i gave you those links. :stuck_out_tongue: Only Apex works for clothes, the rest dont work with UE4 at the moment.

I tried reading through the links, was a bunch of people talking about waveworks, which yes aren’t integrated yet.
But hairworks are pretty basic no? Well all right.

What is most realistic way to simulate hair?

You can use APEX cloth to simulate hair bouncing. This is what Bioshock Infinite did. I am also working on porting TressFX to UE4, which is AMD’s hair solution. I will eventually release to the community for free, please look here for work in progress: Hair Rendering Simulation test - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

Wow thanks!

Jacky is right that these are not in the engine. Of Nvidia’s tech the only ones that are in the engine currently are Apex Cloth and Destruction. These are only used on the CPU and are not enabled for the GPU. The reason being is that Nvidia provides a cross-platform solution for those who use Nvidia and ATI cards with these features.

Their other tech is not cross-platform and will work only with Nvidia cards.


I understand that, don’t most people use nvidia GPUs though? I wonder if there will ever be a way to provide that quality to everyone hah

AMD have recently come out with some great GPUs in the last couple of generations, so plenty of people are using their cards. (I don’t want to get into a GPU war. FWIW, I currently have an Nvidia GTX Titan).

Steam stats say:

January 2013 - June 2014

Nvidia: 51.71%
Intel: 17.5%
AMD: 30.41%

Hmmm is there a hardware forum where I can make a post asking for tips on PC Build?

It depends where you are in your development process. Have you finished prototyping your game? Have you got feedback from trusted people as to how your game is getting on? if not, you don’t have to think about technologies like this yet. It’s just too early in the process.

My advice would be to avoid anything tech that is proprietary. It makes no sense to alienate half your potential sales base, before you even get started.

True, the Apex etc are not proprietary though am I correct? Like cloth physics?

I want to get the resources I need. I literally have done NONE of the development, only planning. I am taking my time to make sure I know what is needed to get to the next stage. I am going to take some C++ lessons for the next 7 days. Then I will move on to some Maya lessons for next 7 days a little bit and see which one I prefer.

Then I will focus on that one.

By the time you’re ready to implement anything like nVidia Gameworks tech, there’ll be a lot more to choose from. You’re best off not worrying about it until it becomes properly relevant.