GameWorks Prototype Game

Hi all,

I am working on a prototype game to showcase (and help improve the integrations) of the GameWorks techs from NVIDIA, I will be using this thread to post my progress as I work on it, and to provide playable demos when it has reached that point. When I have finished, it’ll be released in full source to everyone to learn off of.

The game will be a 3D physics driven platformer, basically all platforms are fully driven by physics (within constraints). The below video just shows some prototyping of platform types and using WaveWorks buoyancy for the lower platforms. FLEX is used to animate the ropes.

I plan to use HairWorks for animated hair on the player and enemies, FLEX Water Balloons as the main player projectile, and Soft bodies, Deformations will be used in the environment. It will support VXGI, but will probably have it initially turned off, unless I can optimize performance further.

If anyone wants to provide any models or help with the development in any way - this includes improving of GameWorks techs, just let me know, I am happy to accept any assistance and/or Pull Requests to my branch.

This looks awesome Galaxyman!

Did some work on the FLEX Water Balloons, currently implemented a new particle spawn module to fill a spherical volume, placed that inside of a inflatable object, next I will work on cloth tearing.

I love how accurate the jumping is. Did you tweek it in any way in unreal or stick with the default?

Hey Galaxyman, I tried using it, but when I run setup, @ 99% it says that there’s something with a filename that’s too long. Any idea what’s going on? Also how exactly do you “Build the ShaderCompilerWorker”?