GameWorks integration merge conflicts


I’m trying to integrate VXGI, HBAO+, HairWorks and FleX into unreal.

So I cloned the source from GitHub.

Then go to release branch. Merge with VXGI-4.13 branch (git merge origin/VXGI-4.13), no conflicts.
Then merge with origin/HBAO+ (git merge origin/HBAO+), it says it is up to date.
Then merge with FleX (git merge origin/FleX)

Then the conflicts appear. Is is a normal happening if we merge multiple game works into unreal engine?
Is there a way to solve conflicts by ourselves?

Am I doing it in the right way?
**I’m very new to Unreal Source and using Git. I’m trying to understand them. I’ve never done such process in my life before.

So please help me if you know the solution or if there are any piece of advice.**

Yes conflicts are normal. You have to resolve each conflict manually. Sometimes this is easy (if all branches are the same version) just by moving a few lines of code around. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult, when significant changes have been made to the engine and the branches are older.

I do host a merged branch of all the techs u want for 4.13p2 shouldnt be too difficult to upgrade that branch to 4.13 final. But im currently on holidays and cannot do it myself until October.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I’ll clone your files. Additionally, I also want to integrate SMAA from here

Before running setup.bat, should I remote add those files by doing the following steps?

git remote add SMAA <url>
Then git fetch SMAA
Then git cherry-pick <latest_commit>

Is it a correct way to do?

Yes do it before running setup.bat. you will most likely have to fix up any conflicts between my branch and Smaa.

Thanks for your help.