Gameworks for Unreal engine 4.19 integration?

Hi Everyone, Might be possible to imagine to have all Gameworks tools for one unic version of unreal engine? In fact, UE4.19? Because all tools of gameworks are only free for one given version. I have seen an answer in another forum about this question, It said: 'i don’t know, it’s probably hard"…What do you think? Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

Members of the community sometimes provide their own custom UE4 code where they have merged multiple GameWorks systems into one UE4 version. This takes time and the people doing this sort of thing have changed over time. And they often dont quite manage to include every single GameWorks module, but some of them do include a lot of the most popular ones.

It is still early days for UE4.19 but if you keep an eye on the end of the following thread you should hopefully eventually get something close to what you are asking for!

NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Dear Steve, Thanks a lot for these informations.