GameUserSettings overwritten after every update

Whenever I push out an update, players’ Graphics Settings are being reset to their default values. I am already setting “GameUserSettings.ini” as a user config file so it shouldn’t be (and isn’t) overwritten by my depot files, but something is causing the game to ignore that and instead use the default values as set in “DefaultGameUserSettings.ini” after every update.

Is this something to do with the “Version” that can be set in the above files? I also noticed that the packaged version also has a “Manifest.ini” file which contains a Version number. Does that need to match the other “Version” number in both GameUserSettings inis? Is there anything else I’m missing?

Hey Sludj,
The ini system overwrites the user config when it determines there has been any change to the base*.ini, platform*.ini or default*.ini in the tree for that file. This ensures that any changes the developer makes to those files reach the end user after an update.

If you want to avoid this you could ensure that your base, platform, and default config files are the exact same as you have previously used.

Thank you :slight_smile: Fingers crossed, I should be able to update the game now without messing with the users’ settings!