Make sure to use Material Instances :slight_smile:

Now I’m curiously, what you mean exactly? For every texture-family I need to make an own material or not?

For every material type -> e.g foliage you can create a “parent material” and out of that a “material instance”


I can now use parent material to create material instances for all my tree, bush, grass,… textures
(left = parent material; right = MIC)


Have a look at in the docs as well, goes into more detail:

Instanced Materials

Ok, got it. I will use for every texture family a own material and put some texture coordinates as parameter.

Here is the Material Instancing video tutorial from our Unreal Engine 4 YouTube page. is really helpful as showing you some results. Zak does good job of explaining !

Material Instancing YouTube Vid](://

If you run into any questions feel free to ask!

It’s only me or have the gloss-texture to low contrast for the metalic or roughness slot? I have made some materials with metalic textures and they are not enought metalic without adjustment

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Seamless textures