GameState vs. GameStateBase


so I was wondering…what’s the difference between those two, GameState and GameStateBase. GameState derives from GameStateBase and it says that GameState is for multiplayer-based projects but once I assign it in my GameMode the Character just freezes, sometimes even flips my camera upside down and can’t be controlled. Does anyone have any idea why that is ? How can I make GameState work for my mutliplayer project ?

I can’t figure it out myself :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

I believe you need to be using GameMode and not GameModeBase in order to use GameState, but I’m not entirely sure.

It was introduced because the old GameMode and GameState classes have quite a lot of bloat.

Ok I try that out. My GameMode indeed derives from GameModeBase, so maybe they are just not compatible. :confused: I’ll keep you updated! Thanks a lot!

UPDATE Yes, that was it! Now it works! Thanks a bunch, couldn’t figure out what was going on! :slight_smile:

So either “GameModeBase & GameStateBase” or “GameMode & GameState”