GameState Multiplayer Clients Cant Move with PlayerStateBase

Hey I’ve got a problem with my multiplayer modus:

Only the Host can currently move in my world (if players try to move around they nearly instantly are getting teleported back to their starting position). I kind of fixed it by changing the GameState from GameStateBase to GameState (i don’t actually know what it does but changed at least my problem). Now all Players (Host & Client) can move, but the camera wasnt the camera of the character but a diffrent one, which was placed inside the character [1]

But my new problem is now, that my movement is bugging around: [2] & [3].

I think that my main problem is that I dont understand what the Game State Blueprint does.

How do should I program the movement in multiplayer (you can see mine in picture 4.1 & 4.2)

Can I change the Code of the “GameState” (not GameStateBase) to that the character camera is automaticly used?

Thx for all comming answers!