Gamesparks and Unreal engine technical demo

Hi all! This is small tech demo of Gamesparks and UE integration.
-Login/register process
-MMO style character customization
-Create, read, update, delete data from UE to Gamesparks NoSQL data base
-check for name individuality
-some interface features (procedural creation of color palettes and buttons in widgets, character rotation by mouse)
-levels transition logic
-all code independent from level blueprints, and can be added to any level.
I planning to create some more tools for working with gamesparks:
-chat system
-inventory system
-may be something else)
All those things i want to make in separatly independent modules.
I would like to make money with that( i am currently looking for job).
Thanks for attention.
P.S. If anybody have questions about Gamesparks tips and tricks i will answer if i can. Best Regards.

Hi, I am trying out gamesparks as well. Have you actually tried to connect to other games with using unreals built-in multiplayer functions by using a listen servers or dedicated server provided by ue4? This is something I will be attempting to do soon with gamesparks and ue4. I am in the process of compiling ue4 source atm. If you have or have plans to do so, could you please share?

On a side note, after packaging a game with ue4 and launching a game as a listen server. The listen servers player controler will become bugged if anyone else joins. This isn’t a problem with gamesparks but hosting in general as in a packaged game since 4.12. The clients connected still work fine. This is a reason I got ue4 source to try dedicated servers.

Hi! I don’t dig so far for now. Currently I just working on some kind of middleware, easy to understand and deploy modules(I hope…). Just client-server communications, logic and interface. But networking side is in my scope of interests. A little earlier I have look to Photon engine, but it some kind of absolutely different thing as Gamesparks itself. I choose GS only for one reason - their database support. But the longer I study it - I like their service bigger and bigger. As for testing UE network capabilites - it’s not task for one or two men, I think.

I got the dedicated server to work and can see that others are connecting to it. However, there is a bug where similar with the listen server, in this case when a new client joins all the previous clients will bug out where it will receive no input. I don’t know if game sparks is causing this or its a bug in 4.12.

EDIT: Tried this in another project from the launcher version of the engine. This is a bug in 4.12. Even then when I launch two windows in the editor, dedicated or listen, I have to manually connect to the games with console commands. This only happens in a C++ project. Once you actually package the game, they are ton of more bugs. This was tested with just the third person template.

I’ll try to figured it out by myself then I can. I had same issues when I change 4.11 to 4.12 without update gamesparks plugin to latest version, but it is normal thing, I think. By the way, when I starts to play around with gamespark -I had looking for incoming/outcoming trafic - it is absolutely zero until I call some requests to server. I suppose you have the latest version of gamesparks plugin installed.P.S. I use blueprint version.

Yeah, i have 4.12 and 4.12 source and the current gamesparks. In my case, gamesparks isn’t the issue. Epic has already submitted my problem as a bug report. The first client will stop working if another joins. Only the first client breaks and doesnt leave server when it closes or exits the game. As for gamesparks, I think all you need to do is create an event and pass the ip and port along with what ever data you need when the server has been created. You can do this in the game mode since it should already have the game sparks component in it.

Let’s think together. I have’nt white IP right now - so I can’t test Unreals networking capabilities. But I can write simple request/response application for testing. I think that solution is exists however. May be it’s needed to rollback to 4.11… Just the trial and error way)

Just wanted to post one of my work that involved GameSparks and AWS EC2. I used the matchmaking capabilities of GameSparks to bring players together and AWS EC2 will spawn a dedicated server for them to which they can connect to and play.

Thanks for sharing ryanjon2040, may be it is hosting problem however… It seems to work fine with your staff.
By the way - a little preview of inventory module (very early satge). If anybody knows how to make fonts better - let me know please. It is just an uneven task - I think, who came across that - must understand me.

I’ve createted basic class for items, wich holds almost functionality - all inherited classes have empty code for now.

Would you have a skype?

Hi there! I’m trying to use plugin from c++ no blueprinting… Can you please provide basic example of how to set it up so I can connect from C++ code at least? When I’m trying to compile it shows up this error:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'GameSparksUnrealPlatform.h': No such file or directory

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as sample project after compile launches just fine with my test server API…
I was about o use and initialize it in GameInstance class of mine as global object…

@PatGameSparks Where I can find complete example how to get going in c++ I’m not interested in blueprints :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi Vertex Soup,

Are you still having issues with this ? You can grab the latest Unreal SDK from the marketplace here. If you’re still running into some issues please get in contact with our support team here


hi, this is what exactly I need. I mean “Create, read, update, delete data from UE to Gamesparks NoSQL database” Can you explain or share the workflow for these actions working?