GameSecured - Security Plugin


GameSecured will give you the tools to make your game hard to hack and if hackers still manage to do so, you will be able to detect it and act.
If you have released a game you know the impact hackers can have, they will make your game unplayable for non-hackers, they will destroy your game’s economy using Bots and you will end up spending a lot of time and resources banning them one by one manually.


Code changes detection : Detect if your game executable has been modified or detoured by an external attack.
Memory obfuscation : Protect sensitive data by using obfuscated memory types, available both in C++ and Blueprint.
Memory changes : Detect if a variable has been modified by an external tool and act accordingly.
Anti-debugging techniques : Will make debugging your game a nightmare for reverse engineers, most reverse engineers will give up before understanding where your game starts. Available only on Windows & Linux for now.
Blueprint access : You don’t need to be a C++ expert to use this plugin, everything is available in blueprint.
External call detection : If you are using C++ we also have specific features for you ! You can protect sentive functions very easily. Available only on Windows for now.
Function protection : Using an external lib or want to protect parts of the engine ? Scared some of your code might be modified ? We have that covered, just tell the plugin what you want to keep sane and it will do it. Native only
Crash instigator : Don’t want your game to run correctly if something is detected ? We provide a variety of weird (read fun) ways to crash your game or make it unplayable.

Upcoming features

  • Anti dumping techniques
  • Break/Repair code
  • Remote code injection
  • Game packer


Proof that this is effective ?

A bot dev for a game I work on :

Of course this is not the same code base but same expertise.

Do I get source access ?

No, unless you are working with C++, in which case you will have to order a code license from our site.

When should I worry about my game’s security ?

As soon as possible, keeping security in mind as you go is a lot easier than going through your whole code base a few months before release. Also doing it as you go will not increase the development time as Secured types work just like normal types.

Do I need security ?

If you are building an offline game, it is very likely you won’t be needing this, this is not a DRM.
If you are making an online game especially with PVP you will see hackers even if your game is not a AAA, you might want to consider a security solution if that’s the case.

I need a complete security pipeline/a custom implementation, is it possible ?

Contact me via PM and we will talk.

How do I get your plugin ?

The plugin cannot be released on the Marketplace for now, it’s not ready to be sold either, if you want to use the version in development send me a PM.


Only the simple techniques are demonstrated here, we want to keep our processes obscure.

Variable protection

Memory change detection

Executable sanity

Reserved for later use.

I like this…

I’m always dubious when I see anti cheat because I’ve never seen scripting be fully stopped. Although this would deter a lot of script kiddies and Cheat Engine users (altering variables/memory). Is giving away the Source Code such a good idea? On the one hand everyone who buys has access and can spot potential vulnerability and quickly report/patch. On the flip side, ig a malicious source got this they could exploit?

I hope this works and even if it protects from a lower level of scripting ability it is still a viable option for some.

Very early days, any idea on a price range for this? Would you have support models?

Hope to see more

Thank you for your message.

As you stated it’s impossible to completly stop this kind of thing but you can make it so that it’s not worth the effort. Scripters do this to make money off your game, if it costs more to develop the tools than the potential benefits, they will just move on to another game.

Giving away the source is a risk, I believe that transparency with customers is important so I would prefer to give the sources. I might reconsider this after I audit an actual game using the public version of plugin.

I have not yet conidered any price, if you have something in mind let me know, it will help me decide :slight_smile:

Yes we will have support models, except for MMORPGs, I am not allowed to work on MMORPGs.

Thanks again

I like your honesty and transparency.

In terms of Price its difficult…

You’re releasing this on the market place so I would say your main target audience is Indie developers since “AAA” (I hate that term now…) will most likely create their own anti-cheat or use a 3rd party software and, hobbyists will probably not release a multi-player commercial product. This is good because you can start the price a little higher than the average marketplace item. If you’re including real time support with the market place purchase you can bump the price up too.

What I mean by real time support is… I’ve released my game on Steam and legitimate players are being treated as hackers (Bug). I need this fixed ASAP put me in contact with the support team. Not the post in a thread and wait for seller to respond then find the issue then release a fix.

So the Plugin price with out the ‘Real time’ support I mentioned above should fetch between $65-$80. (if you added a support contract after you would bill this monthly or yearly on top of this)
With real time support that is unlimited you could fetch over $100.

This is the first proposition I’ve seen for Anti-cheat so i believe you’re paving the way here. It would be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Feel free to disagree with anything above it is my thoughts of what I would do in this situation. There are no facts.

I’d sell the software at indie rates (less than $50) and offer support through your own website via a subscription service that’s more in line with the cost of doing business (say, $50/month). That way everyone gets to try it, but true peace of mind comes when they know they can contact you in case something on their live product goes wrong. It also gives the flexibility for everyone to buy and implement the software, then once their product is about to launch they can start the subscription service (and it won’t seem so unreachable since they’ll in theory have sales from the game).

With all things security, saying that you’re buying protection from hackers really isn’t a realistic scenario. No one can make things that are hack-proof (as we all know), so what you should really be selling is peace of mind (like an insurance company).

Thank you for your input.

I do want to make this plugin available to Indies so I think the $50 price range is doable.

On the other hand I cannot provide peace of mind because this plugin is just a tool that developers can use, it’s not a plug and play type of security, to offer peace of mind I would have to integrate the plugin myself to make sure it’s done correctly. I cannot possibly spend days ramping up on a new code base, audit the game and integrate the plugin for $50.

I think this will be good for indie developers. Not for something foolproof that will cater for every situation but at least get them started.

I personally would not release the source, it is counter-intuitive to release the source to a security plugin … they only have to purchase it once and every game that now uses your security plugin is that much easier to defeat.

Once they have the source, they have the signature they need to be able to bypass your system.

I would seriously reconsider giving the source for this … but that is just my 5c.

@qdelpeche, security through obscurity (not releasing source) doesn’t actually work, though. The benefit to the users of the plugin outweighs the negligible security gain of being closed source.

@OP, I’m not sure you can mark this as being not for MMORPGs, at least not if it’s to be sold through the marketplace. Just something to keep in mind.

Thank you for your interest, it might be complicated for me to release it on the marketplace if I cannot disallow usage in MMORPGs, I have a non competition close in my contract that states I cannot work or contribute to MMORPGs.

I am looking at October for the first release, all the features for the first version are done but it needs more testing.