games not responding on fullscreen

When i ‘alt-enter’ or console command ‘fullscreen’ on a standalone game( or build ) the whole screen just goes black and i have to stop the whole process through the task manager. The VR( occulus rift) works perfectly in editor with VR Preview. This issue exist not only on my current project, but on every old one I have. I even try to load a standard template FPS/TPS - without adding anything to them - still the same issue.


With latest versions Oculus SDK you not need use fullscreen command or Alt+Enter. You must input stereo on command in console or add to level blueprint Enable HMD node for starting your standalone game in VR mode.

This is thread about VR templates for VR

Thank you. Turn out my issue was that i was still using SDK 0.7… and old NVidia drivers :slight_smile: