Games for VR lounge

We are opening a new virtual reality gaming lounge based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and are looking for new experiences to showcase in the lounge.
Mainly interested in revenue share or purchase of rights to use.

You can see our concept of the layout of the lounge below:

The lounge is coming to life and is almost finished and you can see from our photo attached.

If you are interested in having your VR experiences here, then please let us know.



EDIT: Sorry the picture got lost in the original post and I’ve now added them again. Also I’ve provided a link to google drive where people can see them all.

Is this the arch viz of a physical location being built out?

Hi Mike,

Yes the concept was done in unreal by Asteroid Studios. The physical location is currently being built out and I’ve added the link to gdrive where you can view some photos.


How many games/experiences do you have licensed so far?

How many games you have and which headsets you use?