Games aren't as cool as they should be

Key word should… not could. I wish games could have more content implemented in them but I don’t know if I think that like it is totally a possibility… due to effort/time/money restraints and probably even technology too.

I think WoW would be cooler if it had tons more classes. I wish that you didn’t have to level up your toons or get items… rather you would just queue up for matchmaking after selecting your spec/talents/glyphs and setting up your action bars. I also wish the matchmaking types were akin to halo with multi-teams or free for alls and objectives like headhunter and oddball and of course deathmatch. Lots of people say the wsadqe action bar highlight targeting combat is definitely just for RPG’s namely classic styled MMO’s… but I think the combat system is fun and would be cool for just some light-hearted recreational arena combat.

I wish Halo had way more weapons and vehicles and armor abilities. I also wish you could customize them(the vehicles, weapons, armor abilities) and drop them into your forged levels. So you could increase a weapons clip size/trajectory/damage/speed/reload times. Or change a vehicles speed and health. Or make custom armor abilities where they have a certain amount of charges and change their effectiveness/cooldown/length.

I also wish the StarCraft level editor had a **** ton more units. I wish you could make any of these units technically a “resource” and require special units to harvest them. I also wish there was the notion of requiring different supply types for different units… meaning each race could require multiple supply/resource types. And also, I wish there was the notion of custom races too.

Now lets talk about how possible this could be.

Would it be possible to create way more classes for WoW by somehow like I don’t know maybe like just coding some new abilities for new classes? And would it be simple to implement invasion/capture the flag/juggernaut gametypes with ffas/multi teams on maps where any of the gametypes could be played? Probably not.

How about the halo customization… would it be possible to implement some sort of system where the player could enter in some numbers to change the stats on the weapons/vehicles/armor abilities? And then drop each individual custom weapon onto the map? Again… probably not.

The starcraft ideas of custom races with custom supply and mineral types seems pretty straightforward when looking at it from the outside… but yeah definitely not simple.

And as for MMO’s in general. I just don’t like them. In my opinion in order for an MMO to be cool there needs to be a reason to invest your time in them. In order for an MMO to be worth it to invest your time I think your characters and items have to be worth something. I wish there was incentive to always acquire more wealth and level up more characters. I think it would be cool if you had long cooldowns on abilities so there would be a reason to level up more than one toon of each class. And I think that all weapons should break in due time and that useful equipment should be bought at vendors with vendor gold so that everything has value.

I also would need a full loot pvp system in order for it to be any fun… but the PVP flagging system in full loot would have to be different… different than anything else I have ever seen. Most games have just 3 colors and a color for your guild and a color for warring guilds. I want way more colors… indicating who is attacking you, who you’ve attacked, whether or not you can get a murder count from killing you… indicating way more things. Fourteen colors to be exact is how many I want.

I would also need a possession system for pvp full loot. So say you get killed and you drops your items… if someone picks up your items then the guards will kill them. Now in other full loot games I have seen if you take someones stuff off of their dead body the guards will kill you, but say if the person who was killed by the guards for taking your stuff dies… then anyone has free reign to take your stuff scott free. I would want the system to be taken a step further and for all of your possessions to be “flagged” as your “possessions”. This would make it so that whenever you lose your stuff, you are sure that there was at least a big giant melee over your **** that maybe took you many hours to get… not just a single unlucky gank.

And as for my MMO ideas being possible… I think making items dropped as flagged for their owner is probably possible… as is making vendors sell equipment and making equipment break… and having long cooldowns on abilities too. My 14-color flagging system is a bit more abstract.

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