GameplayTag rename reset blueprint parameter


I renamed my GameplayTag in the project settings.

The result is the creation of a GameplayTagRedirect as expected.

But in my blueprint, I sent the GameplayTag as parameter, with the old values. And now when I open this blueprint, the parameter is reset.

The redirect seems not working.

In the documentation Gameplay Tags | Unreal Engine Documentation it says “Renamed tags will cause additions to be made to the GameplayTagRedirects list, and any renamed tags will be silently fixed on load”

When this load should happen ? Do I have to force it ?

I have to rename a lot of gameplayTag and I don’t want to re set all values myself.

Any clue ?

Thanks, :slight_smile:

Am I in the right place for my question ?
As my reset is in my visualScripting I put it here but if you think there is a better place, fell free to tell it