GameplayAbility UE 4.17 help

Hi, if this topic shouldn’t be here just remove it
I still learning how to work with UE 4.17 C++ (in the past I work with OpenGL)
And i need simplest answer as it can be ^^
I tried add plugin to my “After tutorial Battery Collector” game what was called GameplayAbility with this tutorial
but I can’t simply include AbilitySystemInterface.h to my character(.h/.cpp)… in i add “GameplayAbilities” to range
My VS 2017 don’t see this header (Anyway after added plugin i got Window->GameplayCue Editor and Gameplay Ability Blueprints but i cannot add header file to my project)
I check I had this header in other directory, but how can I add this header to engine to work it correctly with code?
It works like with OpenGL? Link the directory in properties (libs and headers) ?
And… I apologize for my english :smiley: