GameplayAbilities sticks around like a bad marriage and crashes the editor

So today I wanted to try my hand at implementing UE4’s gameplay abilities, thinking that maybe they could improve my current flow.

Long story short, I likely did something wrong somewhere and it caused the game to crash. Strange thing is that now if there is even so much as a mention of a AbilitySystemComponent in my game, the entire editor crashes with an access violation before it even starts (it crashes at the 71% mark). The problem is that no matter how I try to clean the ability system out of my project, the editor keeps remembering the bindings. So everytime I boot up the game, I am greeted with this window;

I have disabled the plugin, deleted any relevant classes in my content browser, removed any mention of the abilitysystem whatsoever from all classes in my project. I have also tried to delete/regenerate the Saved, Intermediate and Binaries folder. Nothing works. That message pops up without a doubt. I really need it gone, as I want to get back into the ability system and see what I did wrong. Right now I cannot do any of that, and I believe the primary reason is that somewhere the engine remembers the ability system binding I made before, even though those bindings are supposed to be gone.

How do I get rid of this? Preferably without having to rebuild the entire thing.