Gameplay Unreal engine


I am trying to find information about gameplay in unreal but i can’t find it. Is it even possible to create enemies in unreal engine? or not?

Thanks in advanced.

seems like your very new here, i recommend watching the unreal gdc 2014 demos and unreal tech demo, you can do alot more than gameplay and can create anything possible with the unreal engine going into very complicated games to even short films and movies. AI is very well done in unreal. Gameplay is within the developer, you create that ‘using’ the engine.

Here you go Sean, enjoy!

Thanks alot :slight_smile: Really appriciated now i jst need to make sure my pc spec’s are fine to do it on else i have to wait till my new pc :frowning:
Pc specs:
Nvidia 650m 2gb.
I7 2.4GHZ - 3.4 GHZ
6GB Ram If really neededi can upgrade to 8gb.

U guys think my pc can handle it?

The pc question looks like a double post. Yes, it can run it.