Gameplay Tags Can't Be Edited As Keys In Maps?

For some reason when using gameplay tags as a map key I am unable to edit the value.


I’m not sure if this is a bug or its something on my end.

(This was just me experimenting with gameplay tags btw)

My current RPG Stat system is basically a Map With a Name as the key and a custom struct as the value.

Since 4.15 Gameplay Tags Are now Supported so i created a New Project To Mess around With All The New Toys.

One of the ideas i had was instead of using a Name As my map key i would instead move over to gameplay tags since i like how Organized it is compared to my current system.

What i am trying to do is Use this example Gameplay tag i made in a new project and simply Use It as a Map Key…

Gameplay tags work fine in an Array, Set Or as a map value but not as a map key for some reason.

i’m not sure if this is a bug or maybe tags cant be map keys, and before anyone says gameplay tags can’t be used as a map key, if that’s true why don’t error message when i set it? try using a transform or bool as a map key it wont work.

What are you trying to do exactly? That’s not how GameplayTags are supposed to be used as far as I know.

now i believe its a bug see image below.

i can clearly add gameplay tags In PIE and in standalone without Errors or crashes.

(ill try in a packaged game later)

I’m guessing Epic forgot to add the edit button for Maps.

The thing is that not every combination of variables works as a map. It doesn’t really tell you either.

I don’t think you understand how GameplayTags work. You’re supposed to add them to individual actors and query them. It’s a way to identify what an actor is without having to cast to it first. Putting it in an array or map doesn’t even make sense.

Creating a TMap<FGameplayTag, anything> works in editor, but not in packaged game. I put such a variable in a DataAsset and filled in some values; while it works in editor, in packaged game the variable comes up empty.

Did you find a way to make it work? I’m planning to do something similar