Gameplay Tag Variable Causes Crash on Shipping Packages

Im opening a new question because this matter needs more love than comments. You can see my older question at the link.

If you place a BP in level which has a gameplay tag varible inside it, it crashes/fatal error on launch. To reproduce:

  • Open a clean project (I opened VR
    Template UE 4.15.0)
  • Create a Data
  • Put random values. (In my case,
    vrbound.gameplay, vrbound.stair,
  • Go to Project
    Add element and put your data table
  • Create a blueprint actor. Create a
    gameplay tag variable inside it. It
    doesnt matter if you set any value to
    it or not.
  • Drag that bp to level.
  • Save all and package it for shipping
    (In my case x64 Windows)
  • It will crash on launch.

Please let me know if you need anything else. Since gameplay tags is a big feature in 4.15, I assume that this will get fixed pretty soon. But question is, will it be on 4.15 hotfix or 4.16?