Gameplay Tag Property Map, how do i set it up?

Inside the Lyra example game’s AnimBP, in the ClassDefaults is a section called ‘Gameplay Tag Property Map’ ( see screenshot ) It seems very useful, but i cant figure out how to set it up.

Does anybody know how this works, and if i can create it myself or is this something created for the Lyra project?

Click that + symbol under Property Mappings. That will add another index in the array.
Open it up and there will be two things to fill out!
Let’s focus on the “Edit”
In your project settings there is a section called gameplay tags, open it up and navigate to Event/Movement… here you wanna add your tag like Sprint or whatever you’re adding.
Once you’ve done that you can click that “Edit” button and select that tag.
As for “Property to edit” look under variables in this anim BP and you’ll find the ones starting with “GameplayTag”. I suggest duplicating GameplayTag_isADS and rename it to yours like GameplayTag_Sprint or whatever you’re doing.
Now just select that variable in the “Property to Edit” window and you’re done.
As for what it does:
Generally, what I’ve figured out whenever the gameplay tag changes it will update the variable which you can use in thread-safe operations like in you anim bp. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the reply, yes i understand all of that but how do i actually add the property map?
It’s not just a variable i can choose ( at least not in BP )