Gameplay Systems Survey

Howdy developers - we need your input!

The gameplay systems team is currently looking for feedback. We have prepared a survey to inquire about the usage of the gameplay systems that are part of Unreal Engine 5.
Our goal is to gather anonymous data on the usage of the different features and gameplay systems offered to you inside of Unreal Engine and the editor.
This information will hopefully help us steer some of our decisions in the future while being more informed and connected with what the community is looking for.
We look forward to reading your feedback! Help us shape the future of the Unreal Engine gameplay systems by filling out the survey HERE!


That survey site is way too broken. The next button didn’t work on one page, so I used back button to retry and lost about 10 minutes worth of thought out answers. I think the survey result is going to be quite biased because if people put lots of time into it and get their question deleted because the site is so wonky, they will give up without finishing, so you’ll only get low quality low effort answers.


Woah Woah, Feedback time? Thank you! my advice keep adding new stuff but more importantly fix the things that people have been working around for years across many engine versions

I love to give some constructive feedback but just like @Rawalanche I lost all my answers when the Next button didn’t work and there was nothing I could do to continue. That’s just a not a great survey site to be using.

I’ve clicked on “save for later” then it automatically switched to the next section

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