Gameplay streaming to twitch

Hi! I want to broadcast a video stream from VR game to twitch by player’s demand. Can anyone help me with helpful references to guide me?

There was twitch integration in UE4 in the past but it relied on Twich SDK which was discontinued by Twitch, there for Epic stop developing the integration and i dont see any 3rd party plugins except chat integration:

I can give you some tips as have a contact with VRChat community which have a lot of streamers. Ability to stream from game is not as impotent, as streams will use OBS regardless as it gives a lot better encoding settings as well as fancy widgets and services integration. What you should focus on is provide proper spectator view options, recently there was community stream showing how to do it

Taking VRChat as example, it’s a social game so lot of people there stream there personas and there lot of character acting (they call it role play), point is to entetain viewers, it sometime look like they doing exact same thing as Vtubers are doing. The game provides 3rd person camera which is normally used to take pictures, but also let you set camera on desktop window which people can stream. Depending on content people producing, they either stream that camer direly or use transparent background option that it provides to put character in 3rd person view on corner and stream first person using SteamVR mirroring on 2nd window.

Different kind of games will need different kind of spectating view to be useful for streaming, but more option they have, the more flexible system is the more happy they are. Note that even if you not focusing on stream, doing this is good for couch viewers since VR currently is used as show off and expirance device, and there more likely other people looking at monitor or TV

its done by c++ plugin. To texture by capturing video from render target and send it to whatever you like streaming platform.