Gameplay Programmer Wanted


Project Title:

Project London (codename)


You play as a Detective for the city of London Police force in 1886. You’re sent to investigate the home of a fraudster but instead uncover a more horrifying plot.

  • Investigative gameplay mechanics.
  • Interlinking gameplay systems.
  • First-person view.

Team Name:

Freesphere Entertainment Ltd

Team Structure:

Mark Gregory

Project Management, Game & Level Designer and Writer - 9 years.

Ian McCamant

Narrative Designer & Game Design - 15 years plus.

Scott Onions

3D Artist - 5 years.

Lloyd Smith

3D Artist - 2 years.

*Aiden Wray *

Concept Artist - 5 years.

Pete Wicher

Audio, Music & Sound Design - 5 years.

Previous Work:
Tether - Tether Prototype by Freesphere Entertainment Ltd

VR Research Facility -…=tw-3436731279

Talent Required:
Gameplay Programmer

We’re looking for a gameplay programmer to help us set up various gameplay systems within our existing code base (first person story template).

  • Able to work exclusively in blueprints.
  • Knowledge of animation blueprints.
  • Ability to work within an existing code base.


Discord - markgregory_#4901
Twitter - @markgregory_