Gameplay programmer for Melee strategic project

Hello , my name is Jan and i am looking for capable programmer with previous experience in gameplay programming for a project that would feature similar gameplay style to Formata.
I am on indie budget but mainly it really depends on the flexibility of programmer on what terms can be reached, especially for longer term partnership.

Project would be single player oriented and for primary functions what would need to be implemented is:
-AI navigation system with AI and control functions similar to one displayed on video where AI follows player and forms formations
-attack animations and attack system when both parties come close (and one for ranged)
-shield system with weapon collision if hitting it
-damage system / health / stamina (but most of those would come from survival kit)
-basic income / gold system (1 point for every oponent killed, basic RTS procedure) as one in video with ability to purchase new units

-Additionally to that code/BP should be compatible with survival kit from UE4 Marketplace provided by me in project.

Preview video of example game:Formata Gameplay Tutorial - YouTube

If you are interested and have a portfolio or previous work examples please feel free to contact me and provide some rough estimates on price of possible. Only applicants with actual videos or demos will be considered.

I’ve sent you a PM.

Is this for that game of yours? Uhh… Iron Age conquest something like that? What you’re trying to achieve is really complicated though. I’m also currently trying to explore to create a first person sword-fighting game that features the ancient roman army though I haven’t had quite the time for it lately. If you want we can share ideas. :slight_smile:

Here is my portfolio:…ist-programmer
I also sent you my Discord invite via PM.

Looking forward to working with you once more.