Gameplay Programmer / 3D Artist / Technical Aritst

Currently unavailable.

[SPOILER]Hi, my name is Jared and I’m experienced in most areas of development.

  • Gameplay Programmer (C++ / Blueprint)

  • Experienced with CMC & Networking (Multiplayer)

  • 3D Artist ( Portfolio: - Ask for more targeted examples)

  • Particularly experienced with stylized characters / creatures

  • Prior specialization in rigging (can rig anything)

  • Experienced with all areas of 3D

  • Can help with look development (stylized)

  • Technical Artist

  • Bridging programming and art

  • Maya Tools Development (Python)

  • Ask about your specific needs!

**Experience: **7 years in 3D and technical art, 3 years programming, over 2.5 years experience with UE4.

Rate: $20 / hr (USD).
Payment: Paypal preferred, or ask me if you have a preference
Talk to me about any requirements or limitations with your budget, I’m happy to work something out with you.

No royalty / profit share, paid only.

Discord: Vaei#5603
Email: [EMAIL=“”][/SPOILER]