Gameplay material change for arhviz


I am exited to learn UE4 and acheive it’s best at architectural visualisations. Could you please the kind UE4 developer community help me understand how to create a material menu something similar to this one (go to 1:00 - 1:20)

What I would like to create.

A text with boarder shows up in gameplay for example “Change chair color” and when I press left mouse the text disapears and a menu is shown with 3 icons/options with diferent materials and when I press one of them the material is updated for a static mesh. I have spent days trying to figure this out…

Could you please teach me the best way how to do that?

The “menu” part is done through UMG.

The changing material is done by material instances. You cast from the UMG to the actor blueprint and change its material instance between the different options.

You will want to look into tutorials on both of these parts.