GamePlay Framework Match States etc

Hello there,
after switching from Unity to UE I am pretty happy about my choice. Now I wanted to adapt the GamePlay Framework.

I think that I understood the purpose of each class and when to use them. My problem is that I don’t understand how I can e.g. manage the match state.

All players are joined to my game. Before the game starts I want to let them pick their teams etc… and a video sequence should be triggered to play.
Then the game should start and after all objectives were completed, the game should end.

How can I react to game states in blueprints and manage the match states.

Your core game logic should be contained in the GameMode. If you create a GameMode (or many), you can define the various states and rationale when the game moves between “phases”. It took me awhile to figure this out. I have a GameMode for Menu/Stat phase and a separate one associated with the combat phase. The “Map” can be associated with a specific GameMode.

GameMode = Ultimate authority on the game flow. Only exists on the server (for cheat protection).
GameState = Replicates the “State” of the game to each client
GameInstance = created and maintained across all the various game modes. Think of this as the Class that is the first and last object in your game. it is instantiated on start up and destroy on exit. it is the only truly persistent class.