Gameplay Engineer & Concept Artist - Psychological Horror/Mystery

Project Title:
Panorama (Temp Codename)

The project thus far: (I’ll try to keep this TL;DR)…

There is a narrative, but for protection of the IP I won’t give out specifics. The Basics though, is that it’s based in Georgia, USA, in the 1930’s. You play as a black farmer who’s experimenting with the dark arts to make his life better, and heal his dying father, but not everything turns out as planned.

I have a demo level with art already built with a third person character movement system (Screen shots below). I’m working with two industry vets that are helping me with the narrative.

Style: Realism
Genre: Physiological Horror; Mystery. Narrative.
What games does it remind you of?: Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, The Suffering.


  • Historic backstories and lore.
  • Advanced AI gameplay.
  • Third Person.
  • Current and next gen console support.

Team Name:
Studio237, LLC

Team Structure**:**
Joseph Caddell (Project Creator)
3D Generalist, Game Designer/Artist - 7+ years.
Notable Studios:
Method Studios
Digital Domain

Emily (Gisula)
Music Composer, Sound Designer.

Previous Work (A Small list of many…):
Assassin’s Creed
Homefront: The Revolution
Far Cry 4
Rainbow 6 Patriots
The Church in the Darkness
The Suffering
Snow White (Live action remake - unofficially announced))
Mouse Guard (Disney/Fox animated feature)
Jurassic World VR Expedition (Dave & Busters)
Outreach (Indie space narrative game)

Link to my personal portfolio:
Older website, but has more client work: Client Work - VERTEX HERO

Talent Required:

Gameplay Engineer

Concept Artist

Some experience would be ideal, but willing to check out all portfolios…


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Studio237#6595

Hey all, still looking to build a team to help out. Here are some screenshots of the pitch demo I nearly completed this week.
feel free to email me about the position and project.

Made progress to the narrative, character profiles/backgrounds, and 3d model of our main protagonist.

Still looking for the roles listed in this post.

Made some updates to our website (, The writer position has been temporarily filled.

Hello all, still looking for these positions to help out with the demo.

Bumping this post.

New Company Demo Reel:

Hello all, we still looking for programmer to script some basic gameplay elements like attack, block, Interactions with objects et etc.