Gameplay Effects not granting tags

I’ve tried to ask this on the Answer Hub but I’ve gotten no traffic on my question. It seems like no one really knows how to use the Gameplay Ability System, since every time I ask questions about it I get very few responses, haha.

I’m using Gameplay Effects from the Gameplay Ability System and for whatever reason they’re not granting tags to the actor’s Ability System Component.

Essentially, my ability is a super jump that applies this Gameplay Effect granting the tag “Combat.State.InAir”. The ability should not be able to be re-used until that tag is no longer on the user. However, the gameplay effect does not grant the tag. I have a print statement that will check if the ASC has the tag, and no matter what it always fails to find the tag.

Other gameplay effects, ones that apply damage or something, all work. It’s just the tags.

Has anyone ever run into this? Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve provided a few pictures to help show some of my logic. If anyone needs to see anything else, just let me know!