Gameplay & AI Programmer

Hey all, I need assistance with our game ‘Vodou’, a 3rd person mystery/horror game, that’s narrative focused with light combat.

I need the vertical slice completed by early June to be pitched for funding. I have a programmer already, but he’s going part-time in a few weeks, so we need all the help we can get. Budget is out of pocket so it’ll be indie pricing. Willing to negotiate. Start time is March 23rd. Make sure to message me with your rates.

Email me at [EMAIL=“”] You can also find out more about the project here: GAMES — STUDIO237

We’re really laid back, and let you do your thing. We use Jira for task and bug tracking, and perforce for versioning. This is remote, but preferably someone that’s in North America, but if you’re really good then I’ll consider you if you’re further.

Some detailed specs for the gig:


  • Take on complex gameplay features and own the technical implementation.
  • Develop elegant designs and tests that enable new features without negatively impacting existing features.
  • Ensure robust and shippable code is created across the board.
  • Build code that performs well on the target hardware, both meeting game design requirements. (PC and PS4)
  • Ensure that the team is well versed on how to use features and that those features work well within the overall code base.
  • Maintain strong relationships between the different disciplines.
  • Ability to quickly prototype and iterate in collaboration with others.
  • Self-directed and takes initiative to drive progress; able to act with a sense of agency and accountability.