Gameplay Ability -> Warning: Can't activate LocalOnly or LocalPredicted ability

Helo and sorry for bad english.

So… here is the problem:

I have dedicated server.

  1. server creates actor
  2. server gives ability to actor
    3 Player connects and possesses actor.
    4 trying activate ability.
    5 Getting error:
    Warning: Can’t activate LocalOnly or LocalPredicted ability Default__GA_BasicMeleeAtack_C when not local! Net Execution Policy is 0.

and ability dont work…

Any suggestions ??? where problem is hiding ??

I defined owner but that not solved problem.

after some research i added PossessedBy override so when pawn is possessed, actor info is refreshed

void ACharacterRoot::PossessedBy(AController * NewController)


and removed Set Owner node.

TBW thanx for your time