Gameplay Ability System: Global Cooldown

Hello Unreal friends!
I hope there is someone who is fluid in the Gameplay Ability System who can help me out.

I have two Abilities: one with 1 second cooldown and one with a 5 second cooldown.
I would like to implement a global cooldown of 1 second, so you cant cast both spells instantly one after onather.

But you can just add one Cooldown Effect to a spell, or?
Is their anything that comes with GAS to implement this?

Thx and have a nice Weekend :slight_smile:

One solution is to grant a new GE with the 1 sec CD when you go in CD in yours abiliies.
Then put the 1 sec CD tag as “blocking tag” for the 2 abilities. So you won’t be able to activate them if this tag is present.