Gameplay Ability System, Gameplay Cue Tags broken after engine restart?

Hello there,

I am using the Gameplay Ability System in our UE5 project and have run into a weird issue (maybe a bug?). :confused:

Every time I reopen the engine, one of my gameplay cue tags doesn’t fire any more.
If I delete it completely (from project settings) and recreate the tag without changing any logic it starts working again. :crazy_face:

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Or maybe a hint what could be the solution?

Further details:
The gameplay effect that applies the cue tag is part of a gameplay feature plugin. But so is the gameplay cue that is triggered by the tag (even the same feature).
The gameplay effect is applied only the cue tag doesn’t trigger.

Curious if someone else is experiencing this :grin:

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I get this issue too, a lot. It’s very furstrating! Have you found a fix to this?

Apparently I didn’t which is why I implemented a workaround in my gameplay abilities:
I actually called it “CueSoundFXworkaround” and it manually spawns/despawns sounds or FX depending on the ability state (Enum, which I need for driving animations anyways) I feed it.

Hope that helps to at least find a solution that makes your game logic work. :sweat_smile:

I have to admit that I didn’t test this in 5.1 (as this version has other issues bc of which we can’t use it as of now). :frowning:

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