Gameplay Ability System and Saving

hey guys ,
i have a question :

how can i save the Attribute Sets of my character ?

i am struggling on how to save and load all those Attributes in one take

i allready asked in the unreal slackers discord but i dont get it on how bp/c++ to achieve it

they told me it is a UObject that can be saved but u cant just set the Attribute set on an character

It’s not super simple to save attribute sets, granted. What i ended up doing was iterating all the fields on the attribute set and storing them to a JSON file in a special format which can be read back into the AttributeSet upon load.

This is not super hard to do but requires some code.

Take a look at UAttributeSet::InitFromMetaDataTable you can do the same thing for loading from a JSON file. Storing to a json file is just using the same iterating of fields, but storing them out, which i store into a special struct similar to FAttributeMetaData.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: