Gameplay Ability Plugin : Gameplay Cue, editor launch issue

Hello there,

So I have been messing around with the gameplay ability system.

I am working on a freeze ability. So I created the Gameplay Ability blueprint GA_Iceblast, and associated a gameplay effect to it that doesn’t do anything.

Then I created a GameplayCueNotify_Static (also tried with the Notify_Actor). In it, I simply define the OnActive and OnRemove functions that are basically just casting the target into my character class, changing the material of the character to ice and back to normal. Additionally I also change the time dilation to 0 then back to 1 for the target character.
This Cue has a tag and this tag is set in my game effect so that it gets triggered by the ability.

So far so good, I launch the game, everything works as expected.

The pickle is, when I close the editor, and start it again, it gets stuck at 83%, in the task manager, I can see there is a crash log that doesnt show up, so all I can do is hard kill it. The only way to get the editor to launch is either by removing the tag associated to the gameplay cue in Config/DefaultGameplayTags.Ini, or deleting the gameplay cue.

Any idea why I am getting such an issue ?


I define a gameplay cue for my gameplay effect which is triggered by the ability, working fine until I restart the editor which gets stuck at 83%. If I remove the tag from the config or the gameplay cue, it starts normally.

I know the plugin is in Beta, but isnt weird to get such a hard crash from just a tag ?

I am running in 4.25 by the way.

Thanks for reading.

I have the exact same issue and I am also running with 4.25. The editor gets stuck loading at 83%. I have been going through an exercise of trying to replicate some of the things done in GAShooter (tranek · GitHub). I went to basically copy and paste what was done for the GC_RifeFire and everything was fine until I restarted the editor.

Did you ever get to the bottom of the cause (or find a sustainable workaround) for this?

Debugging through this it looks like the “ForwardLambda” defined in UGameplayCueManager::InitObjectLibrary is not getting hit. It looks like copying what was in the GAShooter code and making a derived class of GameplayCue and overriding ShouldAsyncLoadRuntimeObjectLibraries to return false fixed things. Hopefully the Unreal folks fix this in a future release.

Having the same issue running 4.25.3. Everything was working great until I restarted the editor and now it hangs at 83%.

Bug is still present in 4.26, even though GAS is no longer in beta. It seems random when it decides to crop up, but it’s happened to me at least half a dozen times now in the last 2 months.

Thanks to this thread, I was able to narrow it down to the GameplayCue tags (and not gameplaytags ini file in general). Deleting the cues allowed me to get back up and running again.

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