Gameplay Ability Landmine

Working on larger project, but the small task is to make a landmine using the GAS system. There must be something I am missing.

  1. I create an actor that has the abilitysystemcomponent → Landmine_BP
  2. Give the actor the gameplay ability GA_Landmine (Inherits from explosion). A gameplay ability that should be straight forward and just applies AOE damage.
  3. In the actor I setup OnOverlap to add targets to the container spec, apply the external container and activate ability with tag (env_landmine)

Here's the problem/I don't understand. The only way I can get this to work is shown here. Where I loop through all the effects in the effect container map and apply each one PLUS I have to wait for target data to do the trace.

This completely overrides any target types that are defined in the landmine gameplay ability (actually not even sure they are getting back to the parent), it seems like all the quick tutorials I see have a simple activate ability and end ability AND it all just works. It seems like my Target Data that is being set in the ability child y (Targettype sphere trace) or the effects container are not actually getting back to the parent Explosion. I can’t believe I’m doing this correctly and could use some help. I just want to activate an ability that uses it’s own tags and traces as a child without having to play a montage and wait. Any help would be most excellent.