Gameplay Ability Firing Twice, Does not use cost gameplay effect


I’ve been trying to set up the GAS in a project and had followed a guide on the set up. For the most part it works correctly, but I’m currently having all of my abilities fire twice if they’re bound to an input.

I’m also having an issue where the cost gameplay effects do not apply if placed into a gameplay ability and have to be manually called to make any change to the players attributes. I think this might be to do with how the attributes set is being initialized but I’ve not been able to correct this so far.

I’ve had a read through the documentation here but can’t see anything that may cause these two issues. I will include a pastebin code for the files I think are likely to be relevant for these issues, if you could offer any help I’d greatly appreciate it.

GASCharacter header

GASCharacter cpp

GASGameplayAbility header

GASGameplayAbility cpp

GASAttributeSet header

GASAttributeSet cpp

If there’s any other info you’d require to help me please let me know and I’ll be glad to add it, thank you.

As an update if anyone is having similar problems I’ve solved the issue of abilities firing twice. You can use the command “showdebug abilitysystem” and the next category command for that to debug and the list on the third page showed duplicates of each ability. This meant they were both being activated by the input and appearing to fire twice. I was simply adding the abilities list twice, a simple book to check if they were already added stopped this.

I still don’t know why the cost gameplay effect is not working on those abilities however, if anyone has any ideas for me to investigate I’d be grateful.

So I’ve discovered that the gameplay ability requires committing the ability before it will apply the cost or cooldown, both of which can be done separately through the various commit blueprint nodes inside the gameplay ability. So hopefully this is helpful to anyone that has the same issues as I did.

can u explain more or show me it please ? i have the same issue

try finding why the effect cost not working,your answer save me