Gameplay Ability Cooldown

I have a “stun” Gameplay Ability that just sets a “stunned” bool in the actor it’s active on in ActivateAbility.

I’d like to set a GameplayEffect for the cooldown that causes this ability to be cancelled (calls OnEndAbility) when the cooldown expires (thus setting my bool back to false)…

Is this possible? As far as I can tell all the tags in the GE relate to when the effect becomes active, not when it expires.

At the minute I’m just doing a delay before calling “EndAbility”, it works, but I’d like to be able to end the ability when the specified cooldown expires.

Can anyone suggest a method for doing that? Is it possible? From the (somewhat scant) literature I’ve been able to find it doesn’t seem like it is, but I’m fairly new to the GAS, so I may be missing the obvious.


When a GE expires any tags added or removed by the GE get undone. So the GE can add a stun tag to the character that triggers the Stun ability. When the GE expires it will remove the stun tag from the actor.

On the stun ability you can add a Trigger in the defaults panel that activates the ability when the owner has a specified tag present. IE the stun tag.