Gameplay Abilities Conditional Execution Workaround?

Hi everyone. I’m trying to pause execution of a gameplay effect when a specified tag is added to ability system component.

I know that Tags only considered on first applications and not on periodic executions of effects. I thought that I might remove the gameplay effect with this tag. But I don’t know how to reapply it.

If you ever face with a similar problem please help me :frowning: I made many setup until I hit this wall and I don’t wanna trash them because they’re working just as I expected.

Never mind I’ve found the solution that looks right into my eyes :D. Routine Expiration effect what I need. It applied when the current effect expires by it’s defined duration.

Gonna leave this thread here in case any one else needs a solution for similar problem. I couldn’t find any entry for this topic. Which is understandable when you consider that the solution is so simple :smiley: