Gameplay Abilities & Attribute Set Replication

currently I try to implement the GameplayAbilitySystem in my Network Game.
My Characters have a UAttributeSet, and in their f.e. a FGameplayAttributeData Health

The Execution of GameplayAbilities works for Networking, but not the replication of FGameplayAttributeData in UAttributeSet.

What I found online:

In general the wiki site seems wierd for me: Function implemented in .h file, no SetReplicated(true) in constructor, just a float replicated?

Is their any Example online for FGameplayAttributeData Replication or should I just create a Component to Wrap the Replication of Health?


Replication is handled in the AbilitySystemComponent. Also don’t use that guide. float is deprecated, been replaced with FGameplayAttribute.

Here is some updated information by my friend from Slackers.

i would highly suggest reading this and viewing his example project, not following that outdated wiki page.