Gamepad Thumbstick snaps to cardinal directions

By looking at the values that I get from the axis inputs for the right thumbstick, I can see that it’s snapping to the cardinal directions. Like there’s a deadzone at the bottom quadrant of the thumbstick where it always reports { 0, 1 } from. I’ve tested on an XBox 360 wireless and an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and it happens on both of them at least, so pardon me if this is something in my configuration.

Is there a way to get the unfiltered thumbstick input…? I’m just using the axis mapping value directly.

Did you configure the peripheral?
The axis value sent to anything (via direct x input) is handled by the drivers and the configuration.

On a properly configured controller you always get partial axis values returned.
(Which you usually have to force to be 1 when attempting to make keyboard and joypad/peripheral movement the same).

EDIT: Never mind, I just had something dumb in my code :smiley:

Might not be dumb.
As I said. Pushing the controller to behave like a keyboard is sometimes done on purpose…