Gamepad not working

I’m trying to get an Xbox One controller working. Everything that I’ve read says that it is supposed to work. The input mappings are all correct, the gamepad works in the editor however on play doesn’t seem to be recognised. I have tried opening new template projects using various versions of the editor but the gamepad is not working in any of them. All my drivers are up to date too.

This problem is persisting and I’ve still not found any solutions. On play in editor I have run console command showdebug input and no input is being received from the gamepad. This has led me to believe that the problem is not anything to do with the project settings in Unreal but rather a problem with the system or a possible bug. I have reinstalled all of the drivers for the Xbox One controller and it works perfectly on other games and for navigating the model in the Unreal editor.
I had previously been trying to use a ps4 controller using Xinput software, which I never got working. I have tried removing all of this software but perhaps it has left some residual files on my computer which are stopping the Xbox One gamepad from working correctly.
I need to get this sorted as my deadline is approaching. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Solved. I installed the latest build of the Unreal Editor 4.15.1 and it works perfectly. Still didn’t figure out what was causing the problem though

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This is not solved. The gamepad no longer works on play in 4.15.1. Nothing has changed on my system so I’m stumped as to what it can be.