Gamepad not working in LaunchGame

My gamepad only works in PIE and Viewport. The gamepad must also be registered as the 1st controller. If I right click on the * .uprojekt file and select LaunchGame, the gamepad doesn’t work. When I click Launch in the editor, the gamepad doesn’t work. If I package the game, then it doesn’t work as a development. It only works as shipping. Packing the game every time is very laborious. Why doesn’t this work in LaunchGame? LaunchGame is the only thing that can be tested quickly with Steam.

The gamepad does not work when Steam is active. If I quit Steam, the gamepad works. I am using the SteamAdvancedSession plugin.
That’s why it works in Shipping too. I forgot to create the steam_appid.txt in the binary folder. That’s why Steam didn’t work, but the gamepad did.
Now the gamepad works everywhere, but only when Steam is not active.
What can i do?
UE4 Version ist 4.25.4

Same in 4.27.0