Gamepad Menu Selection

Hey guys. Yesterday I was able to put a mesh based 3d menu together for an oculus rift game I am developing. However the only way I have currently to interact with the menu is with the mouse cursor. I would like to avoid look based interaction and instead use a gamepad. What is the best way to build a menu interaction system within blueprint for a mesh based blueprint actor menu ? Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

I would go about this by keybinding the Up/down arrows on the gamepad to set an int variable and cast the value into your menu blueprint.

In your menu blueprint you can check the int with custom functions after you press the up/down arrow, and based on the int variable, can set the “highlighted” or “mouseover” texture/state of your 3D button.

Where you bind the Gamepad bottom face button (xbox controller A), you can run a function that has a switch on int and based on what int is set, will run the correct command.

Example, press Up twice, set int = 2, button is highlighted, press A, checks int variable with switch, runs function OpenMap.

Great idea, bookmarked for later implementation. Thanks.

Did you implemented this? I’m new with unreal and i’m trying to do the same, can you put some screenshots of the blueprint?
Thank you so much!!

Hi! Did you implement this? I want to do the same and i’m just started with unreal, could you put some screenshots of the blueprint?
Thankyou so much!!!